ISO22000/9001/HACCP/14001/FSSC/HALAL フードチェーン専門審査機構









Food synthesis management system certification

 Food safety attestation mechanism (FSC) newly established the HAHAL certification for people of Muslim.

 FSC executes an audit and the certification "Food safety and safety" standards by a food government admitted technological person for food companies.

 Why is the certification of all standards concerning safety and the safety of food necessary?

 Man is sometimes an animal of "The mistake is caused", "The thing that should be done is not done", and "Do not yep disregard it". Therefore, the effort without loosening unlimitedly to decrease and to remove the food safety hazard is necessary for man.

 The food safety standard certification acquisition including the HALAL standard becomes the strongest tool for the food business for the defense and the removal of the food safety hazard.

 ISO22000, and the FSSMS(FSSC22000) audit and the certification, food safety Certification Organization "FSC" that is the food technological person auditors group that the government admitted is the best organizations.


「企業のためになる、ISO22000」 書籍販売「企業のためになる、ISO22000」

FSC食品安全認証機構 FSSMS(FSSC22000)認証についてのご案内

FSC食品安全認証機構 ハラールコンサルについてのご案内

    HALAL Consulting Guide

FSC食品安全認証機構 食品安全認証についてのご案内

FSC食品安全認証機構 ISO運用満足度診断・評価

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